About the Vincents

Hi, we’re the Vincents!

Thanks for stopping in and getting to know us! We love to go on weekly adventures together, from traveling to new places, and exploring more familiar ones. When we’re not adventuring, we’re just as happy to chill with each other, or with family and friends visiting and playing games. We can’t wait to grow our family through adoption because we know that raising children will be the greatest adventure of our lifetime!

Get to know us quickly by watching our video!

Why we want to adopt…

After trying to have children for years and going through infertility treatments, we felt like the right step to take would be adoption! We really feel like God has guided us to this decision and we can’t wait to provide a happy, fun, and loving home for a sweet little babe. Adoption is part of our extended family and we know how much love comes from it. Our families are all so excited for us to adopt and can’t wait to support us and our baby’s birth family!

We are open to adopt all races and either gender. We would prefer to adopt a newborn baby. In addition, we hope to have a very open adoption, but know that it will depend on how our children’s birth parents feel.

How We Ended Up Together-in the words of McKayla

The first time I met Tyson was in a science class our Sophomore year of high school. He was the “loud, class clown”, and all I could think was that I wanted him to be quiet so I could learn…and his first memory of me is thinking “wow, she’s hot”!

Yes we’re babies in this picture at Junior Prom!

We liked each other on and off through high school. Tyson took me to Junior Prom (enjoy this gem!), and then we were even each other’s first kiss! I know, we’re adorable.

We never dated though all through high school. I think we both knew deep down that maybe later something would happen, but wanted to just stay friends in high school.

Then I went off to college, and Tyson went on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints to California. I got brave and wrote him on his mission, but he told his companion that it freaked him out! He worried that if I kept writing him, we’d get married once he got home… He shouldn’t have been too worried though, because by the time he got home and we went on a few dates, I was terrified of getting married!

After about a year of building our friendship (and Tyson spending tons of money on gas to visit me in at USU Logan every weekend…), I knew it was time to give a real relationship with him a chance! When I told him I kinda wanted to date, he was still a little mad that I’d “spurned his advances” the previous year and didn’t want to date yet. But the next weekend he asked me out on a date the rest is history!

No, we didn’t get engaged at the USU library…Tyson actually proposed at First Damn in Logan, but when we went to tell my sister, she was at the library and made sure we got a picture!
This has always been my favorite picture from our engagements! Tyson runs up and hugs me like this all the time and I love that this was captured for us.

We dated for a year, I got him to move up to Logan so we could be closer while we were both attending Utah State University, and he proposed in February, 2016! That June we were married in the Brigham Temple, and have just grown more in love every day since.

Our Marriage-In the Words of Tyson

We got married in 2016 and our life has been so great together ever since. McKayla is so beautiful and fun! We enjoy spending time together and hate to be away from each other. We are so excited to add children into our lives! We have always wanted to have a big family and we are excited to be on this journey together.

One of our favorite places to visit is Yellowstone! I’ve been going there with my family my entire life and we can’t wait to take our children here as well!

McKayla and I love spending time with our friends and family! We feel that it is extremely important to have a good relationship with our family. Our family and friends have been very supportive of us in our decision to adopt. We enjoy going on trips with family and going on double dates with our friends. We have so many wonderful people in our life and we are excited to share these wonderful relationships with our future children.

We love the outdoors!! McKayla and I love to ride four wheelers, camp and bike. It is so nice to be able to spend time in the mountains with our family and with each other. We love to go and experience this wonderful earth that God has given us! Camping with family was a big part of our childhoods and we want our children to be able to experience this with us.

Four-wheeling is in one of our favorite summer activities!
Never have we seen a picture that describes our personalities and marriage better than this one…

I love to tease McKayla! I love to make her laugh by making jokes or just annoying her! Some nights after she takes off her glasses I will turn off all of the lights and chase her or crawl on the floor to scare her! she loves it…

This is not just one sided though, she also teases me. She makes me so happy and makes a wonderful atmosphere in our home. I am truly blessed to have her in my life.

We love to play with our nieces and nephews!! They tell us that they can’t wait for us to have kids and always tell us that we will be good parents. They bring so much joy into our lives and they will be the best cousins to our future children. We love being married and we can’t wait to be parents!

Our Religion

We are both active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We hold our religion and our relationship with God dearer to us than anything. We plan on raising our children in the church as well. We love getting to fulfill our callings, praying together, and having deep discussions of gospel topics.

Our Careers


I am an accountant for Bank of Utah. I graduated from Utah State University Jon M. Huntsman School of Business with my Bachelors of Science in Accounting and can’t wait to start my MBA in the near future. McKayla says I’m a nerd because I love getting to work on math problems all day! I really love working for the bank, they always encourage us to be family oriented and they fit into our morals.


I am a high school history teacher (total nerd, I own it!), and photographer on the side. I graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelors in History Teaching and I have been loving being with high school students ever since. Ya, I know…I prefer working with teens over the younger ages any day! Recently I got back into photography after a 6 year break and started working as an associate photographer. Upon adopting, I plan to quit teaching, but continue photography.

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