Fast Facts

Want to know a little bit more about us? Here are some fast facts about each of us!

Hi, I’m Tyson! Here are 10 facts about me:

  1. I love going on road trips with McKayla.
  2. I love a good hamburger, Five Guys is the best!
  3. Teasing McKayla is probably my favorite pastime
  4. Talking politics, investing, or business? You have my attention!
  5. I hate making the bed and doing the dishes… but I like doing the laundry because I can watch TV and the cloths are so warm!
  6. I am always shaking my leg regardless of how annoyed McKayla gets.
  7. The Green Bay Packers and the Utah Jazz are my favorite teams. (And yes, they’re also the best teams!)
  8. I enjoy working on cars.
  9. I don’t like to eat lake trout but I love fishing and hunting.
  10. I love action movies.

Hi, I’m McKayla! Here are 10 facts about me:

  1. I love listening podcasts
  2. I hate feet…except Tyson’s…
  3. If I can make it, why would I buy it? Making it myself is my favorite, any other DIYers out there?
  4. Making the bed every morning is a MUST!
  5. I have pretty good handwriting…and I’m weirdly proud of it!
  6. I do my own gel nails (and anyone else who will let me!)
  7. I LOVE to read! When I was young, books (specifically Harry Potter) were taken away as a punishment because I didn’t care about anything else.
  8. I have a water bottle everywhere I go.
  9. Did someone say “spider”?? Ya, I’m out!
  10. Star Wars is, and always will be, my favorite! Specifically the original six though…

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