About McKayla, in the words of Tyson.

When I first met McKayla I noticed her beauty (clearly), but most importantly I noticed how she treats people and how much fun she is. McKayla has so many great qualities that make her a good person and will make her a good mother. She is very kind to others and treats people the way she would like to be treated.

Before we started dating I noticed that other girls were not like her. McKayla is in fact one of a kind. She likes to have fun and pushes me out of my comfort zone to go on fun adventures. McKayla tries to see the good in everyone and in everything.

During out married life she has been a rock for me to cling to and is my everything. She has supported me so much with my OCD by helping me cope and loving me through the process. I am forever grateful to God for putting McKayla in my life. She truly has brought me so many blessings. I am excited to raise our children together and for her to share her amazing qualities of love and respect with our children.

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